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Taking a Stand: War on hunger


I was invited to the salvation army a few weeks ago to tour the food pantry and food kitchen project in Evansville.  

It was an emotional experience as you can well imagine.  

I heard stories of some people that once fed their families working 60 hours a week, are now dependent on the Salvation Army because employers cut their hours to 29 to avoid health care cost.  

I won't get into those politics now, but I will beg you to join the salvation army's war on hunger Friday.
Together with 14 News, the Salvation Army declares war on hunger.

Friday beginning at 6 in the morning at all Schnucks' locations, we will be collecting your donations of non perishable food items all day long.

You can also text the word Hoosier to 80888 to make a one time $10 donation from now through April 18th.
Last year the salvation army provided groceries and meals to more than 93,000 families, most with young children. 

Your donations provide food, but also provide hope and opportunity  

It's hard for me to think of the children I saw in the food kitchen going hungry right here in our own town.  

That shouldn't happen and thankfully the salvation army is there to prevent that from happening. 

Please donate this Friday to the annual war on hunger.

That's my stand. 

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