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New Hope


Searchers picked up fresh signals that officials hope are locator beacons from the data recorders of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  We'll have the latest at 5 and 6.  

Deadly Shooting

A marine at Camp Lejeune is dead and another is in custody after a shooting on base.  Details on Sunrise.

On Trial

The jury trial of a Posey County man accused of attempted murder continues today.  The latest on  Derrick Armstead at 6:30.


Also at 6:30,  an Evansville police officer placed on leave after shooting a suspect has been cleared to return to work this morning.

Cast Your Ballot

Early voting is underway for the Indiana primary election.  Deanna live with more on where to cast your vote at 5 and 6.


Sunshine and warmer temps are coming today!



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