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Police searching for man who robbed Evansville gas station

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Evansville Police are searching for a man they say robbed a gas station.

We're told the manager of a Chuckles Gas Station on S. Green River Road was walking around a corner to get into her car at the back of the building. That's when the suspect jumped out of a dumpster, attacked her, took the money she was taking to the bank to deposit, and ran off.

Police say the suspect took off toward apartments south of the gas station.

A K-9 unit was used to try and track the suspect, but so far no arrests have been made.

The man who ran after the suspect tells us the guy who took the money was moving very fast.

"I tried to chase him down Green River Road," said Jeraun Spiva. "I tried to hit this first street right here but I saw nothing, and I came back here. He was hiding in our dumpster. It's funny, because he had to have been sitting there for a long time, because, I mean, he must be pretty desperate to sit back there in the rain, back there with trash."

According to EPD, it was a tall man wearing dark clothing, a hood, and a black mask.

EPD says no weapon was shown during the robbery.

If you have any information, call police.

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