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Road closed

Friday, April 4, 2014

Flooded roads

Two straight days of rain has left its mark on the tri state.  Many are roads are closed due to high water, and others are flooded, making travel a bit difficult.  We'll have complete live coverage on Sunrise of how this may impact your morning commute.

Drying out, cooler

Meteorologist Eric Garlick says the showers and thunderstorms will end this morning. He says temperatures will be much cooler today with a steady temp throughout the day of around 60's across the tri state. Clearing skies through the overnight period with some much cooler temperatures; Overnight lows will dip down into the low to mid 30's across the area.

Deep south damage

A powerful storm tore through Denton, Texas, damaging the campus of the University of North Texas. Trees were downed and buildings were damaged by the storm that dropped grapefruit-sized hail and possibly spawned a tornado.

Jobs numbers

After several months of moderate increases in job numbers analysts expect a bigger jump when the March employment report is released this morning.

So stay dry and safe, and happy Friday.  We'll see you on Sunrise.


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