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KC considers banning e-cigs on city buses

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Kansas City is considering a new measure to protect passengers on city buses by banning the use of e-cigarettes on them.

For the most part City Councilman John Sharp doesn't care where a person smokes an e-cigarette, but if he has his way with a new ordinance, it won't be on a city bus or at a city bus stop.

Sharp said the proposed ban is actually a request from the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, which runs the bus lines in the city. There were reportedly instances where passengers who smoked e-cigs on busses were asked to stop and refused to do so, causing a distraction for the driver.

Sharp said that's only part of the reason for the proposed ban.

"Well I think it is a health issue too, but it's also a public safety issue because it's very distracting for the drivers. It causes disturbances on the bus and the bus drivers need to pay attention to what they're doing and not be worrying about the interactions and confrontations among passengers," Sharp said.

Although not everyone agrees with him.

"I don't see a problem with it because it gives off no fumes. There are no side effects other than, if there is it's to the person that has it. But as far as everyone else, there's no second-hand smoking. It's actually better," said KCMO resident Darrell Toney.

The ban proposal will be presented next Wednesday at the city's public safety meeting.

Recently Independence, MO, became the first city in the metro to consider banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places.

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