Judge dismisses conspiracy charge in Katyun Marsh trial

(Source: Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff's Office)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - After four days of testimony, both sides have rested in the murder trial of Katyun Marsh.

Marsh is charged in the shooting death of 46-year-old Angie Dixon in her east side apartment last summer.

Thursday, jurors heard from the lead detective in the case.

Detective Brent Melton emphasized the importance of the surveillance video that shows Marsh was the last person to leave Angie's apartment.  He told jurors they never have video like this in murder cases.

The state also played a taped interview between Detective Melton and the defendant.

Jurors heard Detective Melton tell Marsh he needed to confess and get the devil off his shoulder.

Marsh maintains his innocence throughout the interview, telling the detective he didn't have a gun and didn't kill Angie.

He also said that Blake Fisher and Brandi Phillips, the other two co-defendants in the case, did not kill Angie either.

But during cross examination, the defense argued that the investigation was incomplete and once Marsh was identified as a suspect, investigators stopped investigating the other two co-defendants in the case.

Defense Attorney Barbara Williams got Detective Melton to admit that he lied to Marsh during a taped interview about evidence he had. Melton said he lied to try to get a reaction from him.

Melton also told jurors the investigation wasn't perfect. He said in hindsight, he wished they would have done things differently.

For example, investigators let Phillips keep her cell phone in her possession before they did forensic work to gather data.

Investigators believe call logs and text messages were deleted.

The defense argued the key witnesses and co-defendants in this case aren't credible and their testimony shouldn't be trusted.

Judge David Kiely dismissed the conspiracy charge filed against Marsh.

The judge ruled the state did not present evidence that showed the three suspects talked about the robbery prior to going to Angie's house.

The jury will hear closing arguments and should begin deliberations Thursday morning.

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