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ACLU holds public meeting regarding riverfront crosses

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The debate over a cross display along Evansville's riverfront is the topic of a first amendment discussion hosted by the ACLU.

The West Side Christian Church was going to put up 31 four foot tall crosses along Dress Plaza in 2013 before the ACLU and two plaintiffs won a suit, that so far, has kept the display off public property.

On Wednesday, the church filed an appeal which is still in the hands of the Indiana Court of Appeals.

ACLU of Indiana Executive Director Jane Henegar was joined by Cheryl Musgrave and UE Associate Professor Robert Dion who debated the first amendment, it's Establishment Clause, and how it applies to the crosses display.

"It means that we're always going to have these conversations about, what are the parameters of our freedom of religion and free speech and when does that seep over to the appearance that government is endorsing religion," said Jane.

There's no word on when the Court of Appeals will announce it's decision.

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