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Muhlenberg Co. officials learn what possible pipe bomb is

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We've learned a possible pipe bomb was found in Muhlenberg County.

We're told a man recently found it laying on the road in Powderly, thinking it was a pipe bomb, he picked it up, and put it in the back of his truck.

He alerted a member of the Greenville Fire Department to what he had found.

This device, which some thought, might have been a pipe bomb is actually what Muhlenberg law enforcement say is a growing way they are seeing people transporting drugs.

Officials tell us it's normally bolted on to trailers and holds registration paperwork but the growing trend is to attach magnets that way the tube can be stuck under a car and filled with drugs.

"If you notice it's got a lot of mud on it, so it's probably been up under a vehicle," said Jerry Aders. "According to the sheriff's office, they have found several of these and what they're using them for it to transport drugs in."

Officials say if you find one of these, don't pick it up. Call for law enforcement to come by and check it out.

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