Mayor Winnecke announces 2014 City of Evansville budget cuts

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke outlined a series of cuts Monday to the 2014 city budget.

The cuts will help make up for a nearly $2 million shortfall in property taxes.

According to City Controller, Russell Lloyd, Jr., there are adjustments to the budget totaling more than $800,000:

  • Cuts have been made to the police compensatory time buy back program.  Normally officers can chose to put overtime into a 'bank'.  This year, they will not be able to sell that time back to the city.
  • METS will see a reduction in fuel and expenses for other items.
  • Functions of the Department of Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Quality were transferred to the Evansville Environmental Protection Agency at the end of 2013 to improve efficiency and streamline services.

The City Controller says proposed revenue adjustments to the 2014 budget total more than $820,000:

  • Increased revenues from METS, police grants and police fuel reimbursements.
  • Higher than projected revenues at Locust Hill and Oak Hill cemeteries

"These strategic adjustments outlined today are aimed at tightening financial control while having a minimal impact on overall city government services," said Mayor Winnecke.

A finance ordinance for the approximately $1.6 million in total adjustments to the 2014 city budget will receive its first reading Monday night at the Evansville City Council meeting.

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