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Members of community say officer's suspension may be retaliation for lawsuit

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Officer Dawn Krantz Officer Dawn Krantz

We're learning more about the Rockport police officer suspended for what's being called "inappropriate texting."

People are coming forward saying Officer Dawn Krantz's suspension may be in retaliation of a lawsuit she filed last year against Spencer County.

Officer Krantz filed that lawsuit in December 2013 after an incident involving her daughter, at a middle school.

Those who support Officer Krantz believe her suspension is the county's way of evening the score.

The lawsuit shows in October 2012, Krantz' daughter came home from school, and told her mom a fellow student had given her a white pill and she didn't know what it was.

Krantz inspected the pill and identified it as a controlled substance.

The next day, the lawsuit shows the Spencer County Sheriff's office assisted the Rockport police department in investigating the incident.

Soon after, county probation officer Jan Cochenour determined Krantz' daughter should be sent to a juvenile detention center, for possession of the controlled substance.

In the suit, Krantz says Cochenour made the decision without any type of fact-finding hearing or a review of the investigation.

Krantz says that violates her daughter's fourth amendment rights.

Now, some in Rockport are signing a petition saying Krantz' suspension should be dropped because they say what she did was legal.

"I don't think that it's fair that we should be judging Dawn for something that she's doing on her own time and on her personal phone," said Kim Pounds, a friend of Krantz. "I'm going to stand behind Dawn 110%. We love ya. We love everybody on the police department. And I'm just sorry this has to happen to Dawn. She don't deserve it," said Pounds.

Under the advice of her attorney, Krantz declined to do an interview or make any more public comments about the lawsuit or her suspension.

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