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Hopkins Co. deputy building mentoring program out of BRICKS

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (WFIE) - When kids end up in court, the next place they all too often end up in is jail. One local deputy wants to break this cycle and you can help.

Sixty percent of kids who go to jail, they end up returning back to jail.

Hopkins County Sheriff's Deputy Lydon Logan sees kids floating back and forth in the jail system everyday, so he formed BRICK.  Or bringing role models in line with community kids, a non profit organization designed as a diversion program for at risk youth.

"A lot of the kids we deal with, they just want somebody to talk to. They might have an issue at home, but when they get in our cruiser and once you really talk to them. You find out they are a good child," says Deputy Lydon Logan.

Not only will this mentoring program provide an outlet for kids, but it saves the county money. It costs close to one hundred dollars to house someone in a detention center per day.

If you would like to become a mentor, there's a call out meeting this Saturday March 29th at the Hopkins County Government Center at noon.

Here's more information on the BRICKS mentoring program, if you are interested in becoming a mentor:

The BRICK is a nonprofit organization that was founded by LyDon Logan in 2011. The purpose of The BRICK is to enrich, enlighten, empower, educate, strengthen, and unite the youth and adult of Hopkins County by providing them with the keys of success through various programs in education, tutoring, physical fitness training, goal setting and personal development provided in a safe, violence, and drug free environment.

The BRICK Mentoring Program:
Did you know that youth that are involved in mentoring programs are 52% less likely to skip school, 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 37% less likely to skip a class, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol, and 33% less likely to hit/assault someone?

The BRICK is proud to announce it's new youth mentoring program starting in June 2014. In June, The BRICK will begin accepting at risk youth in Hopkins County into the program and hopefully the program will be used as a diversion program for at risk youth involved in the court system. This will also serve as a positive tool and asset for the Hopkins Co court system.

I found that sending a youth to the juvenile detention center is not always the best choice; however, there are many cases where detention center may be the best alternative. A recent study shows that youth corrections/detention has a profoundly negative impact on young people's mental and physical well-being, their education, and their employment. Psychologist found that for one-third incarcerated youth diagnosed with depression, the onset of the depression occurred after they began their incarceration and another suggests that poor mental health, and the conditions of confinement together conspire to make it more likely that incarcerated teens will engage in suicide and self- harm. Educational researchers have found that upwards of 40 percent of incarcerated youth have a learning disability, and they will face significant challenges returning to school after they leave detention. Most importantly the experience of detention may make it more likely that youth will continue to engage in delinquent behavior, and that the detention experience may increase the odds that youth will recidivate, further compromising public safety. Also having an alternative program for at risk youth is cheaper than sending them to detention. The average daily cost of a juvenile at the detention center is about $95.00 per day. Having an alternative program saves the county money.

In the new mentoring program, the mentor will meet with the mentee (youth) about a hour a week and; in addition, there will be activities that the mentors and mentees can participate together at the Larry Carney Center during the six month mentoring program. All that is required from the mentor is: be a positive role model, a friend, a coach, a advisor, a self esteem builder, a career counselor, and an advisor. All mentor prospects must pass a background check.

If anyone is interested in being a mentor and would like to be a positive influence in a young person life, then contact LyDon Logan at The_BRICK2011@hotmail.com.

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