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Rockport officer accused of sending lewd photos speaks out

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Officer Dawn Krantz Officer Dawn Krantz

A 14 News Update on the story about a Rockport police officer who was suspended after allegations she sent lewd pictures of herself.

That officer is speaking out.

Officer Dawn Krantz posted on our 14 News Facebook page overnight.

As we reported on Wednesday, Krantz was suspended for three weeks without pay for conduct unbecoming a police officer.

According to a disciplinary notice from the Rockport City attorney-- there are allegations that last September, Officer Krantz texted inappropriate images and messages to someone in the community.

Last week a report of that activity was taken by the city attorney and submitted to the City of Rockport for review- the suspension is a result of that review.

Krantz took to our Facebook page to thank everyone who has supported her.

She writes:

"I accept full responsibility for my actions and I want to assure everyone this incident occurred on my personal time with my personal phone.

I do realize my actions have affected my family, my friends and my community. My actions have also affected my Police Departments reputation, which we all have worked very long and hard to build.

I want to thank Rockport Mayor Harold Goffinet, Rockport Board of Public Works/Safety and Rockport Police Chief Dale Meredith for handling this incident the way that they did. 

I look forward to returning to work and continuing to serve the City of Rockport."

In addition to that 21 day unpaid suspension, Officer Krantz is supposed to be evaluated at Southern Hills Mental Health or an equivalent facility.

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