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N. Green River Rd. construction lawsuit still unresolved

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A lawsuit filed by Vanderburgh County officials over construction on North Green River road has gone unresolved.  

That means the road will need to be repaired again at taxpayer expense.

Many remember the headaches while the road was under construction several years ago, but for many, those headaches continue even today.

That's because there are still some issues with the road from Green River Road and Lynch, down to Millersburg Road.

If you drive the road, chances are you know a large dip and others just like it that are still in the road. After construction was completed four years ago, the county filed a lawsuit against the construction firms, claiming they did not address all of the issues.

The intent of the lawsuit was to get the companies to come back and make those repairs, but it appears that lawsuit won't get settled.

County Commissioner Marsha Abell says parts of the road are so bad, the county just can't wait any longer to make repairs. She says the cost of making those repairs will have to come at our expense.

"We have gone back and forth with the contractor and can't seem to resolve a warranty issue. I think the taxpayers that paid for a good road expect us to get enough warranty. We know if we've driven on it it's not going to fall apart. We've had traffic on it now for almost four years and I was out there Sunday, myself, in a SUV and it is continuing to deteriorate. I think we're probably gong to go forward and repair it with local money and get it fixed properly," Abell says.

Abell says the county will consult with an engineering firm then put the project out for bid. She says it shouldn't be long after that when work along the road will begin once again.

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