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Work begins to remove human remains from unmarked graves near Lloyd

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Work is underway in Evansville to remove human remains from dozens of unmarked graves at the old State Hospital grounds. 

Experts have been carefully digging and sifting through the dirt here at the corner of the Lloyd Expressway and Vann Avenue. They're excavating human remains of as many as 70 people, some who have been buried here for nearly a century. The remains are being moved to make way for a pedestrian overpass to be constructed over the Lloyd.

On Monday night, the ground has been dug up and bones and other materials are being collected and examined by workers underneath tents.
City Engineer Pat Keepes says the remains may be former patients of the state hospital who maybe didn't have family or couldn't afford a funeral. That makes this a very sensitive project.

"It's unfortunate that they were in unmarked graves with no names attached to them out here," Keepes says. "If there is a positive side to this, it's the fact that we will be able to place them in a proper cemetery."

The collection process could take a few more weeks. The remains will then be moved to Oak Hill Cemetery for permanent burial.

Keepes says work on the new overpass is set for early next year.

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