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Kentucky school districts waiting on legislation regarding snow days

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Kentucky school districts are still waiting on proposed legislation that could relieve schools from having to make up all those snow days. 

That's a problem because it puts graduation dates in limbo.

Along with graduation dates, it puts the last day of school, even sports tryouts all still up in the air until school districts get word of what's going to happen to all those snow days.

"From what I understand they have made some progress, but we don't have a final decision yet," says Lori Harrison.

Student in Hopkins County missed 16 days, 14 for Webster County student, and 20 for those in Muhlenberg.  

"People have been asking for a date for the last day of school for a very long time now and I understand why. People I know are asking me and I'd like to know to just as a parent," Harrison says.

The Kentucky House and Senate have each passed there own version of a proposal, but no formal agreement has been reached. That means important dates, that would have been set months ago, still hang in the balance.

"We wanted to wait until we got the direction from the state because we didn't want to have to set a date and then go back and change it again on people. That's why we've been waiting, and hopefully we will have some information soon," Harrison says.

District officials tell 14 News that once an agreement is reached, immediate action will be taken to set permanent dates for the rest of the school year.  

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