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Phone & text scam impacting the Tri-State

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14News has received lots of phone calls and e-mails about people who've received either a call or text message claiming to be from German American Bank.

The messages say your account has been locked and you need to call and give your information so you can reactivate your account.

Law enforcement agencies say hang up on these calls immediately.  It is a scam.

Most of the calls will come from a restricted or blocked caller ID, or an out of the area phone number.  

Authorities say no one should give out any personal or banking information on the phone. 

If you have given out personal or banking information you should contact your local law enforcement agency.

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Philip Hensley posted the following information on Facebook about how the scammer is getting your phone number:

"A number of folks have asked how the scammer would have obtained your phone number or knew that you banked at German American Bank, so I will explain what exactly is going on, and be sure to pass this on so others will understand.

First of all, understand that in a scam like this, GAB was not hacked, nor did they have a breach of security. Their information, which is YOUR information, is still intact and secure. The scammer is using a computer with a number generator that systematically dials every phone number in a particular phone code (such as numbers local to Jasper) and then plays the same computer generated recording... I have heard the message (my wife and I were both called). If you press "1" like the message asks, it begins recording the next 16 numbers you enter for your card number.

The long and short of it is that you are not individually targeted; by using a computer, the scammer can attempt to gain more victims in a shorter period of time."

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