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Henderson Police recognize several in awards banquet

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HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) – The Henderson Police Departmentrecognized several officers and dispatchers at their awards banquet Thursdaynight.

This was the first awards banquet since 2009, and recognizedofficers and dispatchers based upon incidents from 2010-2013. Below is the fulllist of winners. All of at 14News congratulate you.

2014 HPD Awards




Letter of Commendation:                                            Amy Jones                          8/27/2010

Letter of Commendation:                                            Jessica Snyder                   11/6/2011



Citation for Meritorious Achievement:   ChelsieThomas                5/3rdRobberies  1/17/2013

Citation for Meritorious Achievement:   DwayneBumpus              RR Bridge Jumper8/22/2010



SchoolCrossing Guards

Gena Bugg, Lucinda Trimborn, DebbieGrant, Glen Oats



Letter ofAppreciation:                                  K-9 Santo and K-9 Officer Jason Hargitt


IndependenceBank Robbery linked to Fifth-Third 4/9/2013

Letter of Commendation:                                            DetectiveBrad Newman

Letter of Commendation:                                            Detective Eric Ramsey


BrystalChambers Murder 6/23/2011

Letter of Commendation:                                            Detective Preston Herndon


ArmedRobbery at E-Z Shop  12/4/2013

Letter of Commendation:                                            Officer Greg Durbin

Letter of Commendation:                                            Officer Daniel Lehman

Letter of Commendation:                                            Officer Daniel Burden


Fifth-ThirdBank Robber Apprehended 6/29/2012

Letter of Commendation:                                            Sgt. Briscoe Edwards

Letter of Commendation:                                            OfficerJeremy Ebelhar



10Robberies Solved 1/17/2013

Citation for Meritorious Service                 Det. Shannon Troutman                                                                                                                                                                                              



SecondStreet Boat Ramp Rescue 7/16/2012

LifesavingMedal                                              OfficerNathan Cobb                     

LifesavingMedal                                              OfficerDaniel Burden                   

Citation for Meritorious Service                 Officer Tracy Green

Citation for Meritorious Service                 Officer Jerad Shehorn

US41 Ohio River Bridge Jumper 4/18/2011

LifesavingMedal                                              OfficerJanna Gatten                     


HouseFire 6/30/2012

Citationfor Bravery                         Sgt.Jason Hargitt                            

Letterof Commendation                              OfficerJerad Shehorn   


SuicideAttempt 11/21/2011

LifesavingMedal                              OfficerAbby Black                          

LifesavingMedal                              OfficerJoe Whitledge


CottageStreet Hostage Standoff  4/9/2011

Citationfor Meritorious Service Sgt. Russell Stoner

Citationfor Meritorious Service Officer Paul Glenn

Letterof Commendation                              Sgt.Jeff Welch

Letterof Commendation                              Sgt.Briscoe Edwards

Letterof Commendation                              Cpl.James Elliott

Letterof Commendation                              Sgt.Jermaine Poynter

Letterof Commendation                              Det. Eric Ramsey

Letterof Commendation                              Cpl.Mikel Vadbunker

Letterof Commendation                              Sgt.Jason Hargitt

Letterof Commendation                              Det.Shannon Troutman

Letterof Commendation                              MajorChip Stauffer




Officerof the Year

2010       Briscoe Edwards              

                                                                2011       Jason Hargitt     

                                                                2012       Justin Rutledge

                                                                2013       Shannon Troutman        


Dispatcherof the Year

2010       Amy Jones                         

                                                                2011       Jessica Snyder                  

                                                                2012       Eva Latham                        

                                                                2013       Hector Gonzalez


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