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Pets for Vets now in southwest Indiana

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Pets for Vets is a national organization that now has a chapter in southwestern Indiana.

The organization matches veterans with shelter dogs providing them with a companion and the dog with a new home.  

Marti Vanada started the local chapter in January. She is a dog trainer and after a dog is selected for a veteran, she will train the dog at her home.  

Vanada says the training could take anywhere from two weeks to four months based on the type of dog and that type of skills it has to learn.

"The basic training is good manners but then after that if the vet has night terrors and needs to be awakened the dog can be trained to wake up the vet so they don't have this horrible nightmare," said Vanada.

If you would like to volunteer the next meeting will take place at the First Christian Church in Newburgh on March 30 at 2:00.

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