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EPD Sgt. fighting for same sex rights

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Karen Kajmovich (left) with her partner, Tammy (right), and their three kids. Karen Kajmovich (left) with her partner, Tammy (right), and their three kids.

An Evansville police officer is one of eight people behind a new lawsuit filed against Governor Mike Pence and the Indiana Public Retirement System. 

The suit claims Indiana law discriminates against gay couples.

This isn't the first time EPD Sergeant Karen Kajmovich has traveled to Indianapolis to fight for what she believes in.

She was recently there to make a plea against HJR-3, the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in Indiana. 

This time Kajmovich, her partner Tammy, and their children, made the trip to be a part of this lawsuit. 

The 18 page lawsuit says Indiana's same sex marriage ban doesn't allow her family to have the same benefits, like pension and death benefits, as other couples. 

The four couples listed in the suit are also asking the state to recognize their marriages as valid and lawful since they were all married in states that allow same sex marriages. 

Kajmovich says it's something she feels she has to do because it's her obligation to her children to ensure she and her partner have the same rights as everyone else.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana also filed a lawsuit today on behalf of five gay couples and three others. 

That suit is asking a judge to declare the gay marriage ban unconstitutional.

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