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Dubois Co. Sheriff's Office launches website

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The Dubois County Sheriff's Office haslaunched its first ever personal website.

The site includes inmate information, policereports, firearm permit information, and road and weather conditions.

The sitealso includes links to the county's local police and fire departments.

Deputy Stuart Wilson says the site should be able to answer any questions thepublic may have for the sheriff's office.

"To be able to go to a website, click a link,and look at the current inmates in the jail, what they're in jail for, whattheir bond is, when they have court next, that's a big benefit," said Wilson. "Tothe public, it puts the information out there to them and also to familymembers of the people that are in jail, so they have a better understanding ofwhat's going on with the court case."

Click here to view the website.

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