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Madisonville firefighter back home after serving in the Army

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A Madisonville firefighter-engineer has spent most of his adult life serving in the Army. Now he's back home and continuing to serve, but this time in his hometown. 

When Madisonville engineer Brad Lutz first joined the fire department, he never thought it would change his life. But after 21 years of military service, he keeps coming back for more.

"In '92, when I applied for the job, I had no inkling of becoming a firefighter at the time. I wanted something better for my family, this provided it. But not it's my life, that's why I come back," Lutz said.

Lutz spent 21 years of his life serving this country, whether in the reserves or helping wounded warriors return to society.

"We dealt with the high profile Wounded Warriors. It was the one's with the double amputees, burn victims. It was a very learning experience," he said.

Lutz also served in active duty training 750 Iraqis for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004.

"Being a part of that team, we got to see a lot of things other people didn't get to see. We went out to the villages we saw how they lived, we talked with the people," Lutz shared.

After Lutz became a wounded warrior himself, he rejoined the Madisonville Fire Department in February to finish what he started all the way back in 1992.

"Love being able to help people either way. The saying is when we're working, somebody's having a bad day. Well hopefully we can make that day just a little bit better for them," Lutz said.

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