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Police lose comp buy back in budget shortfall


Evansville city leaders are still working on ways to make up for a shortfall of nearly $2 million in property taxes. 

Police have been asked to close the gap by making cuts of $400,000 and cuts are now being made in the compensatory time buy back program.

Police officers have a few choices when they work overtime. They can choose to get paid for that at the end of the week or put that time into a bank. This year, unlike other years, they will not be able to sell that time back to the city.

Police Chief Billy Bolin made the decision along with the Fraternal Order of Police a couple weeks ago. The comp time buy back is in police contracts, but the FOP agreed to not require it this year. The time that is currently banked by officers will not be taken away.

Sergeant Jason Cullum says this will allow the department to make cuts without compromising public safety. He says as of right now officers will still be able to see that time next year.

"You get paid at whatever your hourly pay rate is. If we're scheduled to get a 2% pay raise next year, and they reestablish the comp buy out, then it will actually be worth 2% more. While it is inconvenient that you can't get it this year, there is a benefit to cashing in those hours next year," Cullum says.

Other departments were asked to make cuts as well, including the fire department. Fire Chief Mike Connelly says they are working on options to present to the city council at their next meeting.

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