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Carmi mom holding Jericho walk in honor of daughter


Less than a year after losing her daughter in a tragic accident, a Carmi woman is doing something to help the community. 

Sheila Turrentine organized a seven day walk focused on helping students and staff at the Carmi-White School District.

Sheila's daughter, Emilie, a senior at Carmi-White County High School, died in September in a drowning accident at Rend Lake. 

Sheila says Emilie's death has been tough, but it inspired Sheila to try something new- a Jericho Walk.

"It should make them feel loved, and just praying protection over them is such a huge thing. I mean, I think it's great," Sheila said. 

Just months after losing her own daughter, Sheila wants to do something for others. 

"I just felt impressed that we need to do something for our children, she said. 

So she organized the walk. For seven days straight, anyone of any denomination can come walk and pray for the students and staff. 

"This is a way to just show the young people that we're there for them," said Michael Evans, a Carmi-White County graduate. 

"I have a real heart for the youth, especially in Carmi High School, because that's where my kids go," said Shelia.

She says after Emilie's death, neighbors, teacher, and students reached out and comforted her family during a tough time.

"We literally felt carried by the love from this town," she said. 

Since Emilie's death, two former students have died. Now, two seniors have serious illnesses. Which is why Sheila says, the tables have turned. Now it's her turn to support others, all in Emilie's memory. 

"It wouldn't have happened if I wouldn't have had to lean on God so hard just to get through the mourning period.  Not that I still don't mourn or anything, he just literally carried me through it," Sheila said.

The walk is going on every day until this Sunday. Anyone interested in participating can show up at the high school anytime and walk as many laps as they'd like.

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