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Evansville city leaders discussing property tax shortfall

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Evansville city leaders are doing the math and trying to figure out how to make cuts in their departments. Mayor Lloyd Winnecke issued the order after learning the city came up short in its property tax collections. 

The news that came out on Monday took many city leaders by surprise. In fact, some on the city council say they just learned what this will mean to different departments.
The city came up $2 million short in property tax revenue in the second half on 2013.

That means departments, like police and fire, will be getting less money than expected. Because of that, Mayor Winnecke asked department heads to look for way to make cuts.
The issue came to light when council members heard how the Evansville Police Department plans to deal with the shortfall. That led to some council members questioning City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. about whether this could happen again.

"So, when we come around to June and we get the second installment, or the next installment, are we going to be another $2 million shy? Well, according to the County Accessor Bill Fluety, part of this was that our tax caps jumped by a pretty good amount last year from like $4.5 million to almost nine. He indicated the caps weren't going to move that much this year, so we feel like we're going to be in better shape," Lloyd said.

For now, the police department plans to handle the situation by not paying out comp time this year.

Other departments, like the fire department, will also have to make cuts. 14 News is told we'll learn more about the city's plan of action soon, possibly Tuesday during the Mayor's State of the City address.

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