Springing back into the blog!

Well, shame on me!  I've been MIA on here for way too long!  BUT, spring is now in the air, so perhaps I can get a little fresh momentum started!!

Sooo, to get caught up a little bit.  Maybe you've noticed?  I'm no longer a "normal" person at work.  (Ha, I guess that assumes I ever was one to begin with-- my family may want to dispute that!)  What I mean is, I've switched over to the dark side and am now working on 14 News Sunrise!  This means I wake up sometime between 2-3 a.m. most days and get to work between 3:30-4 a.m.  My job in the morning is to be our "Just In" reporter-- keeping viewers up to date on breaking news, developing stories and new video from the Tri-State, region, nation, and even around the world.

This is what I started doing when I first made the switch from our "dayside" (9 a.m.-6 p.m.) shift back in October.  Then, around the first of the year, former Sunrise Live reporter Nicole Niziolek left the station to tackle the next adventure in store for her and her awesome husband.  (Nicole is a good friend, and I definitely miss her!!  I'm looking forward to a visit later this week, actually.  But, sadly, it was time for her to say goodbye to 14!)

Once Nicole headed West, I hopped into that Live reporter role for a few months.  And might I just add that they happened to be the coldest months!!!  (Nicole picked a good time to leave, just before subzero temps came to visit us!! :))  I am so so very glad those days are over!

Two weeks ago, our new, permanent Live reporter, Deanna Allbrittin, joined the 14 News team.  Deanna is a sweetheart, and I know you'll love her!  She's from the Cincinnati area and graduated from IU.  Funny side note, Deanna was a commencement speaker at her graduation, and I happened to be in the audience and heard her speech!  Who'd have guessed I'd be working with her one day??

Deanna has quickly learned the ropes of how things operate on Sunrise, and she's now taken over those Live reporting duties (just as we welcome in 60 degree temps, good timing on her part, eh?!).  I'm happy to have her on board—she's a great addition to our Sunrise team! You can follow her on Twitter-- @Deanna14News.

If you happen to tune in this week, you'll see me spending some quality time alongside Beth Sweeney at the anchor desk.  Dan is on vacation this week getting a great tan and wiggling his toes in the sand.  Hey—68 degrees tomorrow in Evansville?!  It's like our own vacation here.  Fill up the kiddie pools!!! :)

Once Sunrise is over at 7 a.m., I'll start spending the remainder of my work day getting back in the swing of reporting human interest stories showcasing the great people here in the Tri-State!  If you have any story ideas about people doing good things—going above and beyond to help our community—let me know by emailing me at emeyer@14news.com, sending me a message on facebook "Erin Meyer 14 News" or sending me a tweet to @ErinMeyer14News.

Ok, time to scoot for today.  Let's see if I can bounce back and get back on track with this blog!!

ENJOY the weather!  (And hey, I know 5 a.m. is early.  Confession: I never watched Sunrise until I worked on it.  So, that being said, there's no shame in DVRing it and catching some of our stories a little later in the day! :))

Until next time,