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Warning about new phone scam in Jasper

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The Jasper Police Department is warning people about a phone scam.

Officials say several citizens have received calls from a phone number with a 702 area code out of Nevada.

Officials say the caller advises the victim their account with Hoosier Hills Credit Union has been compromised and they will need your account and pin number.

Authorities say you should never give any of that information.

Jasper Police say if you do not give out any of the information, it is not necessary to contact law enforcement.

If you were a victim and gave out your information, contact the Jasper Police Department at 812-482-2255.

Hoosier Hills sent 14 News a statement:

"It has been brought to our attention that several members and nonmembers are being called by a number claiming to be Hoosier Hills Credit Union or Hoosier Hills Credit Union's "Security Team" and asking for debit card or credit card information to be verified. 

The calls are recordings that will claim that transactions have been done on your card that seem out of the ordinary and your card has been blocked. They will claim that they need you to verify your card information in order to unblock your card. They will ask for information such as debit card number, PIN and CVC code.

If you receive a call do not give out any of your credit card or debit card information. These calls are not from Hoosier Hills Credit Union and are a scam.

We want to assure you that there has been no breech of member information to cause this scam. These calls are randomly being made to residents in our market areas using our financial institution's name in order to steal card information.

If you have already received a call and gave them your card information, please contact our call center (800) 865-2612 immediately to cancel/reorder a new card to prevent any fraud to your account.

Hoosier Hills Credit Union will never ask for your debit or credit card numbers. If you ever receive a call and question if it is from Hoosier Hills Credit Union, hang up and contact our call center at (800) 865-2612. If you believe there has been suspicious activity on your card and it is after call center business hours, please call the after hours number (800) 472-3272 to block any future activity on your card.

It is important to keep your contact information up to date and to alert us if you change your address, phone number, or email so that we are able to contact you immediately if we notice any suspicious activity on your account."

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