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Love literally in the air: Evansville man proposes to girlfriend with motorcycles

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A story that began with a motorcycle ride to a shrimp festival in Illinois eventually led to another ride on an airplane to see the sights and pop the question.

Friends of a newly engaged couple celebrated from the ground as TC Sorensen and his new fiance, Sarah Moore, celebrated from the sky.

Over 50 motorcycles spelled out "Marry Me?" while TC and Sarah were flying over the Ohio River.

TC says it was a plan that came to him earlier in the week while he was traveling on a business trip.

"Initially I had planned on doing it at a bike night and it kind of hit me on the way back from North Dakota at like two in the morning," said TC. "The idea just came out of nowhere. I sent out a couple of text messages and everyone said, 'No, you can't do that.'"

One person told him it was going to happen.

"He only had a few bikes and wanted to know if we could put it together and I said, 'No problem.' I thought it was a great idea," said Michael Brown.

The real question: How to get Sarah on the airplane without giving away the surprise.

"He started telling me we are going for a plane ride and look at a piece of property," said Sarah. "I said that just seems a little extravagant."

Even though TC felt back about making up the lie, Sarah fell for it.

"It took her forever to understand what was going on," said TC. "The first lap was a distraction and about the second time we came around she finally realized what it was."

"I saw the box and I thought, 'Wait.. why is he telling me to look at the parking lot?' I looked down and I saw all of our friends there."

That's when Sarah finally let TC put the ring on her finger.

The happy couples tells us they plan on getting married in late September or early October.

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