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Night club bouncer reacts to death at Henderson bar

Robert Brantley, 38. (Source: Henderson County Detention Center) Robert Brantley, 38. (Source: Henderson County Detention Center)

The role of a bouncer is now in the headlines after the death of a customer at Double Dukes Saloon in Henderson.

The fact a customer complained about his drink at the bar over the weekend and ended up being killed is something one Tri-State bouncer tells 14 News should never have happened.

"I would not want to be part of a crew that's looking to engage themselves in violence or just chomping at the bit to get into a fight," says Chris Yokel. 

Yokel, a bouncer at Boggie Nights in Evansville, knows what it's like when customers get a little rowdy, especially after tossing back a few drinks. But he says he can't imagine how any situation like that could end in death.

"That's obviously a case of tempers getting out of control," Yokel says.

Even if customers become aggressive, as witnesses say Adam Hogan did Saturday night, Yokel says the role of a security team is to step in and diffuse the situation, not escalate it.

"People will give you attitude, that's just part of the job. Deal with it and being level headed,"Yokel says. "Touching someone in a hostile manner is not a good idea."

Henderson police confirm a photo that was taken inside Double Dukes Saturday night. It shows what appears to have been a very violent altercation between Hogan and the bar's security team. You can see a man in a security shirt holding a baton. Presumably the same baton witnesses told police was used to strike Hogan. 

"That's lethal force and that's not part of the rules of engagement," Yokel says. "It's never okay to just engage in a fight just because of feel like it."

Yokel says, at his job and most other bars and clubs he knows of, the security team only carries flashlights so they can check ID's. No weapons are allowed.  

He says if a situation ever got so out of control that a weapon is needed, he and his staff are instructed to call police.

Police are continuing to interview people to find out more on what happened during the incident.

Robert Brantley, the bouncer arrested and charged with murder, is out of jail after he posted a $50,000 bond. He's due back in court on March 11.

The funeral for Hogan will be held Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in Morganfield.

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