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Roller coaster of high temps

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Boy have we seen a roller coaster of temperatures so far this month!  Over the weekend we were near 70.  Monday brought highs in the 50s in the morning and then dropped all day.  Today, highs remain in the 40s for all of us, with a breeze keeping us feeling cooler than that all day.

Why is this happening?  As we approach Spring, the Earth's tilt is giving us an opportunity to see more sunshine each day, as well as having the stronger part of the sun move back to the north of the equator (northern hemisphere).  While we are given almost constant daily heat in the Summer, we're in a big transitional period every Spring and every Fall.

The Earth's atmosphere is in a fluid state, much like water.  You pour hot water into a round bowl of cold water, and you'll notice the swirls develop as the water works to even out and create one solid temperature.  This is similar to what's happening to us.  We've been sitting in the "cold pool" of Winter for months, and now as Spring approaches we're getting random days where the heat of the sun is working really hard to warm us back up.  Once we start getting warmer, the colder area (the Arctic), tries to even the air out by sending more cold air.  This back and forth happens a lot during the Spring season, and is quite normal.

Eventually, the tilt of the earth brings us so much more sunshine and heat that the warmer weather "wins" and we enter late Spring and Summer.

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