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Mother donates breast milk in son's honor

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The Milk Depot at Deaconess Women's Hospital donated nearly 70 gallons of breast milk to the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank in 2013.

Today that milk is helping nurse some of the smallest babies in the NICU.

Deaconess Women's Hospital has the only milk depot in southern Indiana.

The milk donated in 2013 from 17 different mothers makes up more than 25% of the milk donated in the entire state.

One local mother who donated more than six gallons did so in honor of her son, Gavin.

Haley Koenig says breast feeding was always in the cards for her. Before Gavin was born in September 2009, Haley and her husband knew that he would be born with a congenital heart defect.

Haley says breast feeding didn't come as easily as she had hoped but she did everything she could to produce the liquid gold that would help her son.

When he underwent open heart surgery just before his second birthday, Haley prepared as much milk as she could so she's be ready when he came out.

"The following day there was just a feeling and I didn't want to acknowledge that feeling," said Haley. "I plugged in my pump and pumped some milk for him. I just wanted to get that out because that was for Gavin, and we were told he wasn't with us any longer."

Haley says she had more than 40 bags of milk with her for Gavin's recovery and she was approached by a nurse with the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank.

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