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Free smoke detectors in memory of the Watson family

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A Greenville church is giving away free smoke detectors in honor of the nine members of the Watson family who died in a house fire.

The Awakening Community Church tells 14News the church spent over $1,000 to buy 288 smoke detectors.  The church will be handing those out Saturday March 1st from noon to two. 

The church is located at the Merle Travis Music Center.

"We got together. We're like what can we do, because we have to do something. We have to do something in honor of these children and this woman, who is such a great mother that perished. And I mean we just got the idea to try and do something that was preventative," said Pastor Justin Latham.

If they're out of smoke detectors by the time you arrive, you can simply fill out a form and one will be ordered for you.

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