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Indiana's Humane Lobby Day hopes to educate on animal protection

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Animal rights activists from across Indiana will be in Indianapolis on Tuesday lobbying for new animal protection laws. It's part of a nationwide effort from the humane society called Humane Lobby Days. 

One local humane society manager says the first step starts with education.

While no one from the Posey County Humane Society will be able to go to the statehouse, they're hopeful more information can be released.

According to the humane society, Indiana is ranked 38th among states in animal protection laws.

Posey Humane Society Manager Randi Redman says while nationally many states are passing more laws to protect animals, Indiana can do more.

She says they've seen several cases of tails and legs being cut off of cats over the past year. It's something now that she says doesn't really surprise her anymore.

"It's very important, even if we don't get bills passed, to get the public knowledge up to par.  So, if they see something, they know how to report it. There's a lot of laws in place for human on human violence, but there really aren't many laws for human on animals," Redman says.

Illinois's Humane Lobby Day is planned for April 9. The humane society ranks Illinois as the third best state for animal protection laws.

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