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Officials impose weight limit on roads due to number of potholes

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Because of all the potholes, Henderson County officials are now imposing a weight limit on some roads. They say the potholes, along with the cold and warm temperatures, have caused a lot of problems. 

Judge Executive Hugh McCormick says it took a long time to get these county roads in good shape. Now, he says everything they've done in the past three years is gone.

A lot of the roads had just recently been fixed, but with the constant change in the weather, it's really done a number on them. 

McCormick says there's now a 30-ton weight limit on county roads. He says with the roads falling apart like they are, it can be dangerous for drivers.

"These chug holes, these potholes, you hit one make you throw off in a ditch or if you over correct into another vehicle. We were pretty good, then last week it started happening. Those conditions are worsening now," McCormick says.

Hugh says farmers have a lot of crops and such they need to carry, but is asking them for the time being to take smaller loads.

He says patchers are out trying to fix as many the holes as possible.

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