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Fewer Henderson Co. students going to jail thanks to new program

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A program at Henderson County High School that helps students with behavioral, family, or school related problems is working.

The Center for Youth Justice and Services Program has reduced the number of students going to court and jail by 60%.

The program essentially screens students who seem to be heading down the wrong path.

The program started over a year ago when community and school leaders noticed the number of students in Henderson County going to jail was very high.

One Henderson County High School Junior just graduated from the program. She says it helped her stay on track.

'I started applying myself and listening to what the program had to really offer so I took advantage of it and actually used it in positive ways so that it can help me change and have a different outlook on life that what I did before I first entered the program," said Leonta Carey.

Officials with the Department of Juvenile Justice says the program isn't very expensive.

They play on doing a similar program at two high schools in Franklin County in the next few months.

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