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Hailee Cunningham returns home

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Hailee Cunningham is a bubbly six-year-old from Ft. Branch who is still battling a rare and terminal cancer.

She began two hardcore rounds of chemo back in November, but the cancerous growth, which is on her lower spine, continue to grow. 

Hailee's mom, Rachel, says after one round of experimenting with a new clinical drug, Hailee still showed symptoms that her tumor was growing.

Rachel tells 14 News when they went back to Riley's the CT scan revealed the mass was now growing horizontally.

She says what was once the size of a softball is now larger than a football.

Her and her husband, Rick, say that's when they made one of the most difficult decisions of their life.

Hailee returned home from Riley's Children's Hospital on Monday.

"We didn't want to put her through anything else if it wasn't going to make a difference because there's no cure," said Rachel. "We wanted to enjoy her being home instead of being home sick if we're going to still get the same end result."

Hailee's family says they are overwhelmed by the support they've seen throughout Gibson County. 

Hailee has a busy weekend coming up and there's a lot the community can do to help.

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