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Prescription drug abuse deaths spike in Hopkins Co.

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HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (WFIE) - "Some people do get addicted to it and must have it," said Hopkins County Coroner Dennis Mayfield.

Mayfield says the number of people dieing from multiple drug intoxications is alarming and cause for concern."

"What I'm finding, and I think we're finding in other places is that the prescription medication is becoming a big problem," said Mayfield.

The 2013 Coroners office review shows a spike in deaths caused by prescription drug abuse.  Out of 27 accidental death cases, officials say 20 of those were due to prescription drugs.

"I'll take just a little bit of medication that doesn't help. Then I'll take a little more and a little more and they don't take it as prescribed," says Mayfield.

Mayfield also says the trend spans society, no matter what race, gender, or age.

Officials say the ability of people to buy pills on the street is increasing.  Officials say people need to take meds as prescribed and never take someone else's.

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