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Be prepared for threat of severe weather

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With the threat of severe weather on Thursday, authorities say we all need to be alert and prepared. 

The big problem will be damaging winds, and police say high winds can create lots of problems, from downed power lines to broken trees, especially after all of the winter weather we've recently dealt with.

Authorities say because many trees were recently covered with ice and snow, there's a chance the limbs could be weaker. That could mean more branches snapping in the wind, potentially causing damage and safety hazards. 

Officials say they are also worried there could be flooding since some roadways are already wet from melting snow.

Police say it's important for everyone, especially drivers, to avoid high water, low power lines and unstable trees.

They're urging families to have an emergency plan in place in case they lose power or need to find somewhere safe to go.  

"It's very important that people be prepared with extra batteries, blankets, food that they could have in a moment's notice. If they're in their own car, they should have about the same. They should be prepared to find a place of safety immediately," says Sgt. Lonnie Rahm with EPD.

One school district, the EVSC, did send out a warning to parents telling them there is a chance they could dismiss school early Thursday if the weather is severe. 

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