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IN Senate approves gay marriage ban, opposers react

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A local woman who fought against the gay marriage amendment in Indiana says Monday's senate vote is not what she hoped for, but she's looking forward to a better outcome.

Karen Kajmowicz would have liked this bill voted down, but she says a vote in the Senate is the next best result.   
Kajmowicz recently made a very passionate plea before a House committee. Her partner, Tammy, and their three children were also there as Kajmowicz detailed the struggles they face because their marriage is not recognized by the state.
She tells 14 News that she's happy the measure will be kept off the ballot this year.
The Senate voted in favor of the bill, but since they did not re-insert a ban on civil unions, the process basically starts all over.

"I'm glad we've been involved. I'm glad that we've kept up with it. I feel like so many people that are close to me wouldn't understand really what HJR3 was promoting unless I hadn't been so involved speaking about it, so I'm glad that we've been involved. I wish it was a little bit different turnout, but I'm happy with today," Kajomwicz said.

With the process starting over, that means it wouldn't be able to go to voters until at least 2016.
Kajmowicz believes that's a good thing because a new legislature would be in place.

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