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EVSC board votes to add hour to school days

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EVSC students will be spending an extra hour at school next week.

The school board voted Monday night to add one hour of school to six school days to make up for one missed snow day. Students will stay an extra hour each day from February 24 through March 3.

School officials say all afternoon busing will run as normal, just an hour later. Sports and other after-school activities will be rearranged as needed. 

The state recently decided to give schools new options, like this idea of extended school days, as well as Saturday classes. 

EVSC officials say they did not want to add a school day to the end of the year that would mean they would have to dish out more money because of employee contracts. 

Some students say they're happy with the decision.

"For sports teams, it might be a little bit difficult cause things are going to have to be pushed back and also students with work. But it's only for six days also. It's going to keep them from going back after Memorial Day. I think it was probably a good decision because no one would come if it was on Saturdays either," said student Shay Harrington.

The EVSC is asking students who normally work after school to talk to their employers so they can stay for the extra hour.

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