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Crews continue search for man who jumped off Twin Bridge

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Search crews were back on the river Sunday, looking for the man who jumped off one of the Twin Bridges last week.      

Authorities were more optimistic this weekend because the river level is lower.

Bryant Woodard, the chief of the Henderson City County Rescue Squad, said the water levels in the Ohio River dropped nearly 20 feet since last weekend, making the river slightly easier for the search crews to navigate. 

Woodard said the water temperature is just below freezing on Sunday. He said the cold water would preserve the body causing it to sink. Woodard said, because of this, the search crews are focused on where this man was last seen, which was near the Henderson Twin Bridges.  

"Normally when a person drowns, they will go straight down and stay where they went down. They may drift a little bit, but not a whole lot unless they get caught by a barge or something and get carried downstream. Most of the time they'll stay right where they're at," Woodard said.

The chief said the crews were working with boats that have side-scan sonar, which allowed them to see more and cover a larger area.  

Crews were out of the water by late afternoon, but Woodard said they may be at it again next weekend.

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