Facebook's latest update: customizable genders

(WFIE) - Facebook has launched a new option for more than one billion users who use the site.

The social media site now has customizable gender choices.

The new option allows users to select 'male,' 'female,' or 'custom'.

Clicking custom gives people a chance to write in one of 50 terms including 'bi-gender,' 'gender fluid,' and 'transsexual'.

Users have the option of keeping their gender choice private, make it public, or they can share it with friends.

Users also have the option to add a preferred pronoun, which means users can decide whether they want to be called 'him,' 'her,' or 'them'.

Facebook engineers say they added the new feature to cover all of their diverse users.

Some 14 News spoke with are glad Facebook made the move, while others say they think it could cause controversy.

"People can categorize themselves as so many things," said Teddi Rausch. "It's not for me to say if it's too much or not."

Same users say Facebook needs to add more options when it comes to sexual preferences or relationships.

No word on whether the social media giant plans to make any more changes any time soon.

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