Taking a Stand: National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month.

That really didn't get my attention until a couple of years ago when I because one of the 715,000 Americans that suffered a heart attack annually.

Because of all the information I received over the years from TV and public services announcements on what to do when you have a heart attack, I live and my heart damage was minimal.

You should know that 200,000 deaths from heart disease and stroke each year are preventable.

Men have the highest risk of death across all ethnic groups.

My cardiologists told me 30% of the people that have a heart attack like mine don't survive.

I will tell you I almost didn't go to the emergency room, because I thought it was just stress.

You may be headed for a heart attack, one that is preventable.

February is the month of you to take a few minutes and get the information on heart health.

Please go to 14News.com and click on 'Path to a Healthy Heart' and find out what you can do to prevent dying from a heart attack.

That's my stand.

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