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Many take to their cars in search of warmth following storm


While Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities crews were working on the power lines, those without power, like Gloria Shivers and her four grandkids, found warmth where else: in their car.

"We came out to ride in my truck because my house is so cold," said Shivers.

With 10,000 customers without power, it could be days before lines are repaired and re-energized for everyone, forcing those who sought refuge in their vehicles to be creative cooks.

"We got a little kerosene heater and we huddled up and ate soup," said Sharon Wright.

It's the ice and wind bringing down branches on lines causing the greatest problems and making the conditions at home not fit for man nor beast. Kerosene heaters only warm single rooms.

Crews are working 16-hour shifts and looking for help from partner agencies where they can find it, while those without power and well pumps wait patiently.

"I'm hauling water, cooking wieners on a kerosene heater," said Shivers.

Crews continue to make strides, but it can't come soon enough for those who will spend another night without heat.

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