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Tow-Trucks help drivers stranded by storm crashes


Wednesday night, State Police got over 500 calls for service and more than 250 crashes. It was the story across much of the RVA, and it kept response crews very busy into afternoon Thursday.

Charlette Freeman had to call AAA for help, after her car slid into a ditch filling with water.

"My heart was racing like what I'm going to do?" said Freeman. "It seemed like there was water coming in and I was like oh my God! I couldn't get out. So, I went to the other side."

Thankfully, Freeman got out ok. But, getting her car out was a little more difficult.

"Then it's a multi truck situation where you have to flip em over and then pull it out," explained AAA Mid-Atlantic Fleet Manager, Kevin Harris. "So, it's more involved."

Charlette's car filled with water, and the electric system was shot. It was a similar story for dozens across the area: a slippery, sliding ride home and a mess to clean up.

"I'm glad I got out ok, but still at the end, the car is not running," said Freeman.

And here's something you might not expect. Officials say they'll probably do more of this work tonight and into tomorrow as people get more confident, and it gets more dangerous on the roads.

AAA says they also get a lot of calls for dead batteries after a storm like this, because of the cold.

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