Indiana schools get options for making up snow days

Indiana schools won't get a free pass for the mounting number of days lost to weather cancellations this winter.
The Department of Education announced Thursday that schools can reschedule holidays, hold classes on Saturdays or extend the school year without seeking a state waiver.
They also can extend the school day and seek a conditional waiver when they've made up the equivalent of one day of instruction.
The state has already offered unconditional waivers for two days missed during a paralyzing winter storm in January that also brought subarctic temperatures. Even with those waivers, many school districts expect to extend classes into June.
That has forced many districts to move final exams and graduation dates.
Districts that don't complete the state-mandated 180 days of instruction can face financial penalties.

14 News has been checking with local school districts to see what their plans are:

EVSC - will hold a short school board meeting on Monday, February 17 at 6:00 p.m. to make a decision.  They only have one day to makeup.

Pike County - the superintendent tells us they have days set aside for makeup days and have already tacked days on to the end of the year, which puts them in school past Memorial Day. However, she says with these other options they are considering making changes.

Cannelton - missed 6 days.  Plan to make them up on Presidents Day, the Monday after Easter, May 23rd and 27th.   The school board is still deciding on waivers. If they take waivers, school ends on 27th.  If not, school continues on the 28th and 29th.

Perry Central - 11 missed days.  Officials tell us they have seven of those built in to the school year and two approved on waivers already.  They have applied for extended school hour waivers and virtual learning waivers.   If approved, extended school hours will be from 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m., the first week of March and the third week of April.   That would cover elementary school only. Virtual learning would be applied to the high school.

Northeast Dubois - current built-in snow days should cover most of the missed days. One day has been covered by a waiver.

Southwest Dubois - eight missed days.  Two days have been covered by waivers leaving 3 days to make up. No official plan is in place yet, but superintendent Mike Eineman says he will recommend simply adding those three days to the end of the school year.

North Spencer - granted the two-day waiver that would cover the days they still have to make up. They haven't decided whether or not they'll use it yet, since there's a possibility they could miss another day this season.  If they miss another day, they may not use the waiver, since they believe having three full school days is more beneficial than just having one. If they miss one or two more days, they will explore the virtual learning and extended hours options. As it stands now, they'll likely use the waiver, making the day before Memorial Day the last day of school.

East Gibson Schools - seven snow days total and three of those were covered by days built in to the school year.   They've tacked on two days so far: May 22nd and 23rd. They are considering adding school to the 27th and 28th but they are also considering applying for a conditional waiver for the last two days.

North Gibson - nine snow days total.  Two of those days have already been waived. Five days were built into the calendar. They've tacked on two days so far: May 22nd and May 23rd, but they are still considering extension of school days because they want to increase instructional time prior to the ISTEP testing. They would also possibly extend school days if they miss more school.

South Gibson - they've had ten days total and five were built into the calendar. Two of those days have already been waived. They are going to have three Saturday's through the E-Learning option. Those dates are February 22, March 1, March 8.

Warrick County - eight snow days total. Five of those were built in the schedule and two of those days have already been waived. They are going to add on May 23rd.

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