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Charges pending for teen accused of stealing wristbands

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Authorities say charges are pending for a Henderson County teen who confessed to stealing stolen wristbands from the Franklin Street Events Association in Evansville. 

Deputies say, sometime Monday night, an 18-year-old broke into a neighbors car on Bishop Lane an stole that wristbands. 

Deputy Jewely King was called out to investigate. When she got there, she says she noticed foot-prints in the snow around the car that was broken into.

She followed the footprints to a nearby house-where she found the person she believed to have committed the crime.

When deputies brought him in for questioning, they say he confessed, but not at first.

"He wore the shoes to the interview that he wore the night he broke in her vehicle. When I talked to him, when I interviewed him, at first he did not want to tell me he had done this until I said, 'You know can I see the bottom of your shoes.' It was kind of done from there," King says.

Not only does Deputy King say he confessed to stealing the wristbands, she says he confessed to several other car break-ins.

Deputies were able to return the wristbands, as well as the other items that have been stolen over the past few months.

King also wants to remind people to make sure your car doors are locked at night and not to keep things of value in sight.

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