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Utility bills hot topic at Fairfield City Council meeting

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High utility bills were not on the agenda, but they became the hot topic Tuesday at the Fairfield City Council meeting. 

During the meeting at Fairfield City Hall, quite a few community members voiced their concerns to concern about their high utility bills. 

"It's not a personal attack against you. It's not a personal attack against anybody on the city council. That's not what it's about. We're just upset because we've asked for help," resident Jason Cline said.

Those words were spoken to Fairfield Mayor Chuck Griswold from one of many who showed up to talk about gas and electric bills, some double or triple the usual amount. 

"It was the whole, if not over the amount of my husband's paycheck for one week," said resident Sheila Bleeks

The group who showed up says their goal was to get answers and try to convince the council to set up a payment system. 

"There out to be put into place some sort of payment plan to help everybody out when we get into these sticky situations like this and have a hard time paying," resident Debra Halfacre said.

After much back and forth, the mayor and the council agreed to look into doing something differently. 

"We should address that and try to come up with some options," Alderman James Griffith said.

"We'll sit down and we'll see if we can't come up with something that meets the needs of our residents here," Griswold said.

But for some, that promise is not enough. 

"It's just not getting any better and we're not getting any answers," Bleeks said. 

After the meeting ended, 14 News did reach out to Mayor Griswold to ask him if he had any further comment. He declined to do an interview on camera about anything that happened tonight, but during the council meeting we did learn that the council does want to look into developing some sort of payment plan. 

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