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Injunction lifted, work could start again on Hwy. 245

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The injunction that halted construction on a Spencer county road project has been lifted. 

That paves the way for the work to start up again on Highway 245 between Santa Claus and Lamar. 

Not everybody is in favor of INDOT's proposal to reconstruct State Road 245, but Lincoln Trail Elementary School Principal Ben Lawalin believes the positive long-term effects will far outweigh the negative short-term effects.

Several years ago, INDOT began a reconstruction project on 245, but was halted after local business, Santa's Candy Castle, filed a lawsuit against the project. The business believed the project would divert potential customers away from its building, which sits on 245.

Lawalin says he understands business concerns pertaining to the project, but says restructuring of the road is long overdue.

"I'm sure that'll cause us some minor, or could be even more delays in our transportation. Some issues with transportation, in getting our buses in and out of here, and transporting kids safely," Lawalin said. "But, that being said, there's a lot of dangerous curves on this road. There's a lot of potholes that have really popped up. So, if we can make our routes safer for our families to be driving, including our buses, then certainly we'd be in favor of that."

INDOT says construction on the roadway could get underway by the end of 2016. 

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