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City of Rock Hill crews deal with snow, prepare for ice


It snowed most of the day Tuesday and while nothing really stuck to the roads, Rock Hill Public Works crews are preparing for the forecasted snow and ice expected on Wednesday.

WBTV was there as crews loaded up their trucks with supplies and hit the streets earlier, Tuesday.

Crews laid down screening, which helps snow and ice from sticking to the roads, on streets throughout the city.

The snow is one thing, but the bigger issue on the mind of city workers is ice.

Ice causes problems not only for drivers, but it may snap branches and limbs on trees that can fall on power lines and cause outages.

City Public Works officials say they're ready for ice by having more than 350 workers on standby.

They say if your power goes out, don't get desperate for heat.

"Just use common sense. Don't bring anything into your home that you wouldn't normally have in there to heat or stay warm with. You might want to stay with friends if that's an option. We want everyone to stay safe in their homes," said Rock Hill Interim Public Works Director Kevin Bronson.

Generators or construction heaters should not be brought inside your home.

Officials say if you have a power outage, make sure to call your utilities company and don't assume they know it's out.

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