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Taking A Stand: Sochi Winter Olympic Games

The tradition of the Olympics goes beyond the competition of the 1,200 athletes and 200 countries. 

Since the first Olympics in Athens, the Olympic spirit entailed a moratorium on war and conflict. A celebration of peace for all countries of the world.

Unfortunately that spirit is dampened today while wars continue and terrorist threats loom over Sochi, Russia.

Some Americans think we shouldn't participate in the Sochi Olympics because of the terrorist threat. I hate to allow terrorist to win by spoiling the Sochi games, but I also must admire those athletes from all countries who have the courage to compete under such terror.

For us, the Olympics bring family programming into your homes that is appropriate for all ages.   Programming that teaches character and the reward for hard work, persistence, patriotism and commitment. It's family reality programming at its best.  

I pray that all the athletes remain safe, and I'd like to also thank the sponsors that offset the incredible expense NBC and this station incur every two years to bring the Olympics into your home for free.

I'd ask that you support our local sponsors. They deserve your business. All of our major sponsors are donating some of their advertising commitment to the Special Olympics in the Tri-State to get their important messages out to our citizens to promote and continue their important mission.  

Keep our athletes and their families in your prayers. Go USA!

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